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Commenting on Comments: Casey Flip in raw a footballer fuck with Milan Sharp

Commenting on Comments: Casey Flip in raw a footballer fuck with Milan Sharp

Of course, I had to share some of the comments on this new scene for the Offside Trap series with Milan Sharp and adorable new boy Casey Flip having some bareback fun! I knew it would be a popular one just from the trailer, and it seems everyone out there agrees. The votes are still coming in and the comments have all been great, but I know for a fact there are a lot of new members arriving to watch this one too. If you’re new to the blog, check out some of the comments from the members on this one and click through to watch it!

I’m glad you enjoyed it Ryan, and you’re by no means alone in your praise of this scene. I think they did a remarkable job with this one, from the opening moments to the final second of cummy fun, everything bout it has been excellent.

Another fan of sporty uniforms, huh? I get it, believe me I get it. The sight of a sexy young guy in a football outfit is enough to almost have me cumming in my shorts. These boys look great in their kit, but they look even better when those hard young cocks are out and being deliciously shared. And the rimming too, what more can I say than what you’ve already said?

I never knew he was referred to as the “Cum King”, but something tells me he would appreciate that! We have a few boys on the site who can really squirt a good mess out, but I agree with you that Milan is one of the best when it comes to splashing out a sticky mess.

I have to agree with you, the Footballer theme is always one that gets my interest (although pretty much everything does, I have to admit!) I really like seeing hot young stars in sports kit, and the soccer theme is definitely one of the best. I’m glad you liked all the rimming too, I knew it would get a lot of attention and appreciation from the fans :)

Thanks for all your comments on the video, it’s great to see the fans enjoying the scenes as much as I do and I love sharing your opinions on the blog too.

If you’re one of the few here who hasn’t clicked through and wanked out a load to this video yet you really should, go and check it out and make sure you leave a comment on it too.