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Close & Personal: Charlie Keller

Close & Personal: Charlie Keller

I would ask if you’re ready for a brand new gorgeous boy to arrive at STAXUS, but that would be a bit of a silly question :)

I have new boy Charlie Keller to share with you guys in this post, a little bit of an introduction to one of the hottest new prospects coming to the site very soon. You need to be ready for this boy, because he’s got a lot of what you guys love to see.

I can tell you a little about him, too.

He’s a handsome and fit young guy currently living in Iceland where he was born as well, but he’s traveled around a little and has been to a few countries around Europe. He’s been making some great videos for us, with some of the hottest boys, and I’ve been lucky enough to get a sneaky preview of some of that too.

I’m not gonna give too much away, but I can say he looks damn sexy in a uniform!

He’s got a great smooth body and the most adorable little ass, always ready to take a hard naked cock up it.

Check out some of his selfies with friends, hanging out with his buddies and generally looking lovely.

I know you’re all gonna welcome him with open arms (and ready cocks!) be prepared for his debut video and stick around on the blog for more of him coming soon :)

If you want to keep up with him personally you can find Charlie on Twitter too!