New DVD “Raw Builders” now available!

New DVD “Raw Builders” now available!
08 Aug 2017

We haven’t had the chance to enjoy the final fourth scene of “Raw Builders” on the STAXUS club site yet, but if you are as curious as I am you’ll be happy to hear that the movie can now be ordered as DVD!

Titus Snow and his Spanish companions David Sky, Mike Cole, Mark Fontana and Mike Fontana join forces for some of the hottest, horniest outdoor action imaginable; as director, Timmy Treasure, lets them put their brick-laying skills to one side in favour of raw action of a distinctly carnal nature. Hard hats at the ready, these boys are ready to drill till they cream!

You can order your personal copy of “Raw Builders” now, exclusively at! 


  • Etienne

    “…not had the chance…” (huh?) Seems to me that subscribers should have the chance to enjoy scenes before they’re released on DVD.

    • Weiner

      Why? Surely if the DVD is released after all the scenes are on the site then there is no reason for anybody to buy the DVD, which means lost sales (and money) for Staxus.

      • Etienne

        I would assume that they get a hell of a lot more money from folks like me who maintain their subscriptions than they do from the occasional sale of a DVD



        • Weiner

          So what you are saying is… If a scene appeared on a DVD before it appeared on the site this would put someone off signing up to the site? I think not.

          DVDS is extra money for Staxus and extra money means more for production. I say this is a good thing so stop complaining about nothing.

          • Etienne

            OK. You win. 😙

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