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Model Focus: Tom Nutt

Model Focus: Tom Nutt

Can you believe it’s been 17 months since we last saw cute young Tom Nutt on the STAXUS site?

I was looking through a big list of my favorite boys this morning when I realized how long it’s been since we saw him taking the long and thick uncut cock of Chad Johnstone in March of 2016, and although I don’t know of any potential plan to return at the moment I felt compelled to get a featured post on here and give you a little more of him.

He actually started out way back in 2012, but then disappeared for a while in 2013, before returning again a couple of years later. I guess this means we might see him again after all. I’m not sure what he’s doing right now but I don’t think anyone would mind if he came back to share some bareback fun with some of the fresh boys.

I know some of the newer members might not have browsed through to see this cute young Czech star sharing his 7.5″ uncut cock and his tight little rump with so many of the other boys, so let this post be your guide as we check out some pics of him in action.

I’ll link each photo back through to the trailer page, so if you want to go and watch the video just hit that pic and you’ll get there.

So, what can I say about this handsome and smooth young star that you can’t see from the photos? I can tell you that the blond boy is a very sexually active young man, he’s always hooking up with other boys in his home city and loves to have some unplanned and spontaneous outdoor sex. He gets off on sucking cock and fucking in abandoned places, meeting up with new guys in kinky locations for some fun.

I don’t know about you guys but even though I would be a little worried about that I wouldn’t be able to say no. I would be there gobbling that dick and giving him a hard fucking within moments!

Okay, guys, that’s enough nonsense from me. It’s time to check out some of the pics of him in action with so many of the other gorgeous stars. I’m going all the way back to his first stint with us because some of those videos were amazing, but make sure you check out every one of the 16 scenes he appeared in.