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Close & Personal: Mike Cole

Close & Personal: Mike Cole

NOTE: If seeing gorgeous guys with adorable animals makes your heart ache with joy then proceed with caution! :)

You guys know we are pretty much all about the European boys at STAXUS. Most of our models are Czech boys, but every now and then we find a French hottie, a British hunk or a Spanish twink ready to get their dick out and have some fun. In the case of handsome and horny young Mike Cole, we’re bringing you some Spanish sausage!

We all know that this boy is a pretty talented young man when it comes to sharing his 7.5-inch uncut cock with other bareback boys, and he’s not at all shy about getting a little kinky too. He’s a versatile performer who doesn’t shy away from trying new things and in the last few months we’ve seen him enjoying some bondage and kink with some of the other lads.

But, although we love seeing him on video, he does have a life outside of porn, and we know you guys would love to know a little more.

He’s an intelligent boy who loves history and broadening his awareness of the world. He’s the kind of guy equally at home camping in the hills with a friend or browsing through an art gallery on a Saturday afternoon. He’s like a sponge when it comes to information too, once he gets interested in something he wants to know all there is about it.

He’s an animal lover, as you can see from these photos. When he’s not walking his dog or going to museums and art galleries he’s heading to another zoo or wildlife park to meet some of the animals. In fact, if he wasn’t making videos and working hard on other things he would probably be a zoo keeper.

Who doesn’t love a boy who loves animals?

Check out some photos of the sexy young Mike Cole and click through to see his videos on the site. He’s been in 13 scenes so far, but I think I speak for all of us when I say we want to see more!