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Behind the Scenes: Raw Builders Scene 4 with Mark Fontana and Mike Fontana

Behind the Scenes: Raw Builders Scene 4 with Mark Fontana and Mike Fontana

Who doesn’t love going behind the scenes of a hardcore gay porn shoot? We’ve done it quite a lot on the STAXUS Blog before of course, but things are starting to ramp up in this regard. We know that for a while now a lot of the fans have been crying out for a little peek behind the cameras, and we’re finally able to bring you a lot more of the action that you never get to see with other studios.

Although we’ve had a lot of photos from set over the last few months, we’re starting it off properly with this sneaky peek behind the scenes of the new Raw Builders scene 4 with gorgeous boys Mark and Mike Fontana as they abandon their work for the day and get down to some much needed cock pleasing.

We’re joining the boys right in the middle of the fun, with cute Mike balls-deep in his friend, pausing for some very hot photos.

I don’t know about you guys, but I really wish I was I’d got more into photography and filming when I was younger, maybe if I had I would be working on a set like this right now!?

Then again, that might not be such a good idea, I don’t think I would be able to keep my cock in my pants with all these gorgeous guys getting it on around me :)

Check out the video of the behind the scenes action and make sure you click through to watch the original video of these boys banging away outside.