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Commenting on Comments: Titus Snow and Martin Osment sharing Patrik Donovan

Commenting on Comments: Titus Snow and Martin Osment sharing Patrik Donovan

Okay, so I think we all knew that this threesome was going to get a lot of love and attention from the fans. And, indeed, a lot of the members have really been enjoying the sight of Patrik Donovan getting his mouth and ass stuffed with hard young cock by Titus Snow and Martin Osment.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, you must! Click through and take a look at these boys going to town on each other, but maybe do that after you’ve read some of the comments from the members :)

I have to admit that although I love watching all of the STAXUS boys having fun on video you have great taste and I would love to see Osment and Rivers in a video together. These two are so cute, they would make an adorable team to watch!

I’m not sure when we might be seeing him back for some more fun, but I don’t think this is going to be a one-off video for the young man. I have a few ideas about who I would like to see him teamed up with. If you have any suggestions leave a comment below! I would love to hear what the readers think about that.

We really can’t go wrong with three gorgeous boys like these. I know everyone works very hard on set to make a scene work, but when I see a video like this I imagine it would be amazing even if they just left the three boys to have fun together! I’m glad so many of the fans are looking forward to seeing more of both Patrik and Martin, I am too. I think they’re both so sexy and adorable, and they obviously had a lot of fun with each other.

And that’s a very nice comment to finish this post on :)

Thank you for all your comments on the video, and if I didn’t mention you here please know that every comment is appreciated. I’m glad you all enjoyed the scene as much as I did.