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Trailer for upcoming new movie “Raw Cuddles”

Trailer for upcoming new movie “Raw Cuddles”

Four new guys are waiting for you, so make sure to check them out!

But stop, before you scroll down to watch the trailer for our up-cumming new movie “Raw Cuddles“, please let me tell you a bit more about this new porn flic!

Romance and young boys celebrating their love – if that sounds good for you, then you will love “Raw Cuddles“: Boys strolling around by the river, holding hands and exchanging flowers and kisses… Twinks talking about their first time experiences with their gay sexuality – and why you should be having sex quietly when your parents are at home! haha

Even a hot threesome is waiting for you with two new guys who first use their drumsticks to play the drum – and then drum the tight asses of their lovers with their meaty drumsticks!

The first scene of “Raw Cuddles” will go online this Sunday on!