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Vince Todd is a very welcome addition to STAXUS

Vince Todd is a very welcome addition to STAXUS

So you might have noticed that the boy about to get his ass probed with toys in a threesome, Vince Todd, is brand new to the STAXUS site. It’s a pretty daring and bold way to make your debut, and I think it’s pretty remarkable for a young man to arrive in such a dramatic style, but it seems this boy is up for it!

That bodes very well for his future with us, if he’s that daring right from the start I think we’re probably going to be seeing a lot more great action from him in the future.

We’re waiting for that threesome debut to arrive tomorrow, but I don’t think I’m the only one hoping already that we get more of the boy in the weeks and months to come. I don’t have any more information on future scenes just yet, but judging by what I’ve seen I can’t imagine this would be a one-off performance from the young star.

He’s definitely a sexy young man with a great body and a great ass too. I love the fur he has, you don’t see that very often on a twink boy like him and I guess that’s gonna get a lot of attention from the fans!

Stay tuned for more, let me know in the comments if you’re looking forward to seeing him enjoying himself with his new friends!