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New Scene on Staxus: Massaging Trio Make Sure All Holes Are Filled With Monster Dick! HD

New Scene on Staxus: Massaging Trio Make Sure All Holes Are Filled With Monster Dick! HD

It’s absolutely no surprise to me that this new bareback twink threesome video has a rating of 4.9/5 in the very short time it’s been up on the STAXUS site. Having watched this one myself and enjoyed it (immensely) I can predict that plenty more will be logging in later to rub one out to these three gorgeous boys!

Jaro Stone, Martin Rivers and Milan Sharp are the trio of sexy young men getting their freak on with each other in this incredible session of raw fun, all in the theme of the Massage Me series. And, believe me, if you’ve never thought about finding a special place to go for a massage before, you will after you watch this :)

Jaro is the professional boy ready to give you lovers Martin and Milan and experience they’re not likely to forget very quickly. He’s skilled in the art of massage, but a lot more besides.

There’s so much action in this one I had to make notes about exactly what goes on. Seriously, if you think this is going to be a straightforward bareback twink threesome then you are going to be impressed!

After some amazing cock play and dick sucking between the two Martin slides his long and naked cock into Jaro’s gorgeous pucker and proceeds to fuck him. Soon after Martin decides that he needs some cock inside him and jumps on to ride Jaro while Milan continues to fuck the handsome masseur’s hole!

All of this is pretty intense, but the sight of Martin and Jaro sharing their hard and leaking cocks in a 69 while Milan fucks Martin and pulls out to feed Jaro that dick in some amazing ass-to-mouth action is likely to have a lot of you holding your cum back.

You’d be wise to edge that climax for this video, the final moments as Martin gets a bukkake from the two will likely have you blasting out a heavy mess. Then, to finish it all perfectly, we watch Jaro and Milan licking and sucking the boy’s cock until his own semen is spewing out and making a hot white sticky mess!

Phew, no wonder this video is getting such good ratings already. Click through and check it out, it’s going to be on your faves list for a lot more wanking later.