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What We Missed: New boy Charlie Volume getting fucked by Rob Nielsen

What We Missed: New boy Charlie Volume getting fucked by Rob Nielsen

If you’ve ever worked in an office then you probably know how common this kind of thing actually is. I’ve seen it first-hand, people hooking up with their superiors and a month later getting a promotion. While we might like to pretend that people can get where they want to be through good old-fashioned hard work, sometimes it really does take a little cock sucking or butt fucking to make those dreams a reality.

I’m not confessing to anything here, just to clarify!

Then again, is it such a bad thing when the cock or ass on offer belongs to a handsome young man like either of these two? I would not be saying no, and I wouldn’t be saying yes just to get ahead in business either.

Rob Nielsen makes it clear that some things might be a little more possible for sexy Charlie Volume if he were to be a little “accommodating” and the handsome young man doesn’t miss a beat. Within moments he’s sucking on Rob’s handsome pink uncut boner, savoring the taste of his helmet and slurping on his impressive schlong.

His ass is soon out and Rob wastes little time sliding his naked cock into that hole, filling the young man up with his slippery meat. Charlie is clearly not new to enjoying a naked cock up his ass, just watch as he enjoys some ass-to-mouth oral and then proceeds to get it up his hole again on the floor, then on a chair!

You all know I love a massive cum load. After Rob pumps his load out all over his friend’s ass he sucks and strokes Charlie until his boner is erupting in one of the most amazing cum shots I think we’ve ever seen from any STAXUS boy.

Really, you need to see his dick blasting that cream out, it’s immense!

Check out the trailer and enjoy some pics, click through for the full video and be prepared to get off hard and messy by the end of it all.