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First fan based Q&A with Angel „the tongue“ Lopez! Part 2

First fan based Q&A with Angel „the tongue“ Lopez! Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of Angel’s exclusive interview! At the very end you will find a picture taken by him only for you, his fans, on the day this interview took place. If I were not in love with this cute boy already, a look on this pic would definitely make me! :) :)

Q: Thanks for your friend at Staxus! I bet many many guys out there are sooo happy that you came to us – and that you cum with us :) !
“Christian K”, also a german member, wants to know if you have a boyfriend at the moment?
A: No, at the moment I do not have a boyfriend.

Q: “Christian K” also asks if – maybe – you want to tell us a bit about your first sexual experience, about your first boyfriend, what kind of guy he was, what character, etc.
A: I have had my first sexual experience with a man who was 12 years older than me. He had a very fat cock I was not able to take, but I loved him and I have done so much love with him. Sometimes it was a mixture of pain and pleasure, but I liked it.

My first and only real boyfriend I had while I was a teenager. He was the most important person to me. I fell in love with his character first, he really was a loveable guy.

Q: Are you still in contact with that boyfriend?
A: No, because now he has a girlfriend and a baby.

Q: Oh…Well, that is real life, isn’t it?
A: Yeah, haha. It is as it is.

Angel Lopez 6

Q: Now that we spoke about your first love and your boyfriend, may I ask: Where did you learn to suck like a god??
A: I practiced almost all my life with a friend from school who was older than I was. He also knew more than me so he taught me many things. And then obviously I’ve added some more of my personal techniques and the result is what you saw in my videos.

Q: And that was really impressive!! Not without reason a member with the nickname “Theo” called you „Angel the tongue“ :)

What are your fetishes in your private life and what type of guys do you like?
A: I like guys with body hair, older than me, good ass, nice legs, jealous, protective, loving, pending. A rugby player would be an ideal guy for me for example, but only with the character I described.

Q: What would be your ultimate sexual fantasy?
A: Having sex with a football player directly after the match.

Q: “Biggerthebetter” wants to know if you have ever been in an orgy or gangbang – and let me add that many members would love to see you some day in a gangbang. Would you like to do that?
A: Yes, yes, I would like that. But I would like to choose the boys!

Q: Haha, who would you choose then?
A: Julian Fox, Ray Mannix, Jaro Stone, Jeffrey Lloyd and Tom Crua.

Q: Good taste! So members can see what type of guys you like.

“Birdy65” says: As society is still intolerant did you ever been abused or assaulted for being gay in high school or other place?
A: I have never lacked respect on the streets or at school because I am a very respectful person and that’s why people respect me.

Angel Lopez 7

Q: Dieter and Phantom1830 want to know: You`ve had some of the biggest and most famous cocks in your hole (Ray Mannix, Mike Branco). How did you prepare yourself for such porn scenes? (did you need a dildo before or was there no need or …?)
A: Obviously I have to dilate before getting those wonderful and giant cocks inside me – or if I want to get a dildo inside me. Sometimes the guys help me at the set. In the case of Ray Mannix – he was one who helped me to expand in one of our scenes.

Q: Oh that is interesting! How did Ray help you? With a dildo or was he very gentle while pushing his dick in your ass or…?
A: Yes, yes – before we started shooting I said I first want to try without help. But then Ray was too big and he had to help. But we did not use a toy, only his cock. He was very gentle and I was able to dilate.

Q: My final question: What would you like to tell your fans out there?
A: Above all I thank my fans for always being aware of my videos and the likes they give me. I want to tell them if they would like to see something or know something about me: Do not hesitate to talk to me – almost always I respond to Twitter and chat and I am very motivated right now and it’s all thanks to them for giving me such support and because they are always aware of my tweets.

And here it comes: Angel’s photo to fall in love with… oh guys, his eyes… Am I the only one who would like to be that teddy bear? ;)

Fall in love with Angel Lopez