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First fan based Q&A with Angel „the tongue“ Lopez! Part 1

First fan based Q&A with Angel „the tongue“ Lopez! Part 1

Hi fans & members,

thank you very much for submitting your questions for STAXUS’ first interview that features only questions submitted by our fans and members from all around the world. Angel Lopez and my humble self chose the best and arguably most interesting questions – and let’s waste no time, here are his answers, directly translated from his kissable hot Spanish lips:

Q: On the blog there was some discussion about your origin. „Mike“ wants to know if you are Spanish or Peruvian or are you from Paraguay?
A: I am from Paraguay and not Peruvian, but I do live in Spain. So yes, I would say that I am Spanish.

Q: Let’s talk about the questions you got from your fans via Twitter:

„Are you horny when you make the videos or is it just work?“
A: Yes, I am horny because the producer puts me together with guys I like. When I record I do it with pleasure and I think the audience can see that as well.

Q: „Did it cost you much work or overcoming to enter the world of porn?
A: No, actually it was no big overcoming because that’s the way I am. And because I produce porn with a studio that is looking for guys who I like.

Q: „Did you enter the world of porn because of the money or because of the pleasures?“
A: Actually I do it for pleasure. Porn is something that I really like and that I like watching since childhood. Watching and me fucking makes me really hot.

Q: Oh that is very interesting – you said you like to watch porn since you were young. What kind of porn do you watch in private life? Gay, bisexual, straight porn…?
A: When I was younger I watched straight porn, but now I watch gay porn and sometimes some bisexual stuff as well. I especially enjoy watching videos of guys with big dicks fucking younger guys.

Adorable Angel Lopez

Q: „Mike“ asks: Do you like dancing? Especially Tango? Who taught you how to dance?
A: I like dancing. Unfortunately I cannot dance Tango, but I’d like to learn. If someone wants to teach me :) I am ready for it! I like dancing reggaeton and pole dance.

Q: „Arthur“ wants to know: What is your favourite meal? Are you able to cook or do you go out to eat?
A: My favourite food is pasta with cheese. I am able to cook for myself and that’s what I normally do. Oh yes, I also like burgers!

Q:„Christopher“ would like to ask you about your musical preferences. What kind of music? Which performers, singers, bands?
A: I prefer electronics, like music David Guetta makes. I usually listen to that kind of music when I go to the gym. When I am more relaxed I listen to „Sia Sia encata me!“ And when I am hot and horny I like to hear music as well and to dance reggaeton.

Q: Right before that interview started, you were in the gym. How often do you go to gym?
A: Yes, indeed, half an hour ago I left the gym. I go there every day, from Monday to Friday, and every day for one hour.

Q: Dave wants to know: If you could make a gay porn video with a non-porn celebrity, who would it be and why?
A: I know a guy from Costa Rica, he makes me really hot! If I could I would ask him to come to Spain and shoot with me.

Angel Lopez 1

Q: Let’s talk about some questions from german members: Stefan (1) said that you were a cowboy and a boyscout in past scenes for Staxus. Which scenario did you like best, which did you not like that much? What would you like to play some day?
A: I really liked to be the cowboy because I like horses and in that video I got many horses :) And I loved to be the cowboy because my fans liked that as well, my fans have noticed a lot because I got over 600 likes :)
Some day I would like to make a rugby or soccer shooting.
The scene I liked least was the boyscout because of the clothes.

Q: What do you mean? Did you dislike the clothes because they did not fit to your normal style or…?
A: No, they just were way too big for me! Haha

Q: German member „Dieter“ wants to know: How did you get into porn? Was it like you were a former Staxus member or did you have a friend who told you about Staxus or…?
A: I wanted to get into the world of porn already in the year 2014, but I could not find a studio that did like my profile. I had a friend at Staxus and he told me that I could fit to the Staxus boys. I sent my photos to Timmy, your model scout and then we arranged our first shooting in Madrid to see if I could serve the world of porn. I was very happy and at the moment everything is going well.

Tomorrow you should check Angel’s first bareback threesome at – and don’t forget to read the 2nd part of his interview when Angel talks about his first boyfriend, his ultimate sexual fantasy and where he learned to suck like a god!

Angel Lopez 4