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Q&A with stunning bottom boy Mike Cole – part 2

Q&A with stunning bottom boy Mike Cole – part 2

Welcome back guys for the second part of the intimate Q&A with sexy Spaniard Mike Cole! Let’s waste no time with small talk – let’s get directly into the interview and into his metaphorical pants :)

Q: Hey that’s a cool location for your first dick in your mouth haha! Since then, do you fuck only with gay boys or do you date with straight guys as well?

A: In private life I only fuck with gay guys or bisexual guys like I am – as far as I know I got fucked by a straight guy only once!

Q: You shot a kinky toy movie with director Timmy Treasure – tell us about it: Which toys did you like best, which was not your favourite etc.

A: Wristbands and necklaces were my favourites – and the electric toy was the most curious.

Q: When this interview will be published, fans will not have seen this electro-sex-scene yet. (I add some pics for you so you know of what we talked) „Most curious“ … does that mean you never did that before?

Kinky Housemates 1 Electro Sex Elektross Elektro ssd

A: Yea, never before, but I would love to do it again. It was electrical stimulation of my cock while my partner got stimulated in his ass.

Q: With „Kinky Housemates“ you shot a big fetish movie. Do you have any fetish in real life?

A: No concrete one, I like to do everything. To try everything. The only think I dislike is if someone reviles me or sticks me brusquely. In sex and beyond.

Q: If I could make you any present – what would be your wish? (needs not to be something with toys or sex)

A: I would wish to make a romantic video with a gay or bi guy.

Q: Oh that´s sweet! You do not think of material things… that really tells much about you. Is there nothing you would like to have like a fast car or big house or…?
A: Then I would like to have the vinyl new album KASE.O „circle“ – „el circulo“

Q: I hope I don’t embarrass myself – but what kind of music is this?

A: That’s the type of music I like – Rap and Hip Hop.

Q: Let’s learn a bit more about the private Mike Cole. Describe yourself in three words.

A: Traditional, responsible and funny

Q: Traditional you say… May I ask of your opinion about spanish bullfighting?

A: No, I don’t know much about it.

Q: Do you have any weaknesses like beer or chocholate or…?

A: Chocolate, cigarettes and my dog :)

Q: Imagine you had a lover from abroad. No Spaniard. Which spanish words would you teach your foreign lover?

A: Te quiero, Buenos días, Buenas noches, Incredible, Dios and ”Sigue no pares”

Q: Did someone already recognise you in the streets of Spain?

A: No – or at least I did not notice it haha. Some people are looking at me, but noone wanted an autograph yet.

Kinky Housemates 2 Electro Sex

Q: I would look at you as well, believe me haha! May I ask how often do you wank when you are not shooting?

A: Usually 1-3 times a week, sometimes I do not wank at all, depends if I have a fuck partner or not. I prefer to fuck haha!

Q: Do you visit gay bars or where could we find you on Friday evenings?

A: On Saturdays yes, but on Fridays I am usually with my dog in my house, with a nice film and a nice cigarette.

Q: Sweet or salty? Sweet
Coffe or Tea? Tea
Car or bicycle? Bike
Suck or being sucked? Being sucked
Wine or beer? Beer

If you like him now even more than before and if you fell in love with this gorgeous young men like I did, then follow him on Twitter and check out his bareback movies at!