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Detailed & personal interview with sexbomb Titus Snow – Part 2

Detailed & personal interview with sexbomb Titus Snow – Part 2

Thanks for being back for part two of the chastening and personal interview with sexy Titus Snow in which he speaks about the hard times of his Coming Out, a very special birthday present and other things that made him the person he is: A very nice, open minded young man who likes to talk and try new things – and who searches for the true love out there. Oh Titus, I´m languishing … :)

Q: I imagine you sitting at the piano, playing this wonderful song – what kind of underwear would you wear? Would you wear underwear at all haha?

A: Most likely I´d wear boxers, they are just the most comfortable.

Q: Do you have a favourite brand when it comes to underwear? Why?

A: No, I don´t generally do brands.I do have a favourite pair of jocks that are “Junk” though.

Q: From Chris Jansen we already know how many pants he has. How many pants do you possess – and how many shoes for comparison?

A: Not that many lol, I have about 9 pairs of pants and 4 pairs of shoes.

Q: What´s more important to you: Style or colour?

A: Colour, most definitely colour.

Q: And if we dared to have a look into your drawer, would we find your pants stored carefully or do you just throw them in?

A: I pack everything neatly into my cupboard.. Most of the time..


Q: Let´s go on and a bit further with some other personal questions… Do you want to tell us about the meanings of your tattooes?

A: I´d rather not… They are quite personal to me.

Q: Okay, no problem! Could you then please tell us a bit about your first date, no matter if sexual or not? Like what kind of boy or man it was, where, when…

A: To be honest… I really can´t remember… It must have been really boring for me to have forgotten.  -laughs-

Q: You live your life as a gay man, proudly and out of the closet. What was the situation like when you came out to your parents?

A: I didnt come out to my parents… In my opinion one shouldn’t need to “come out” it has nothing to do with other people what your sexual preference is. Straight people don’t have to come out, so why should we?
When they found out, let´s just say it wasn’t pretty, but I don’t care. Things are fine between us after years of struggle and moving out the house when I was 16.

Q: You are so right! Someone´s sexual preference doesn´t make him a better or worse person – you are who you are no matter who you love.
What about school? Were you mobbed or did you even experience some gay-bashing?

A: School was one of the worst times of my life… I was the only openly gay at there and yes, I was beat up quite often, hospitalized a few times, but I don’t blame them. I learned from it and grew as a person.

Q: Oh Titus, I am sorry to hear that. Noone should be, how shall I say, discriminated against for whom he / she loves… Let´s change the subject! What are you most proud of in your life?

A: I am the proudest Big brother everyday because I have a little guy who does the impossible.

Q: And what are you afraid of?

A: Chickens.. I am terrified of chickens. I was nearly murdered by one years ago.. They are dangerous..

Q: Do you have any weaknesses?

A: Not really… I smoke.. So I´d have to say cigarettes.


Q: So I assume I know your answer to the next question… What one thing would you take with you if you´re stuck on a desert island?

A: haha not cigarettes! Drinking water lol  !

Q: Hey, a man with brain! Tell us please if you have a fetish and if you live it out in real life!

A: I have one fetish and that is Public exhibitionism. And yes, I actually do it. I love being watched in public by random people.

Q: Well that fits to someone who does porn! And porn stars usually have sex toys… How many do you have at home?

A: I own 1, my best friend got it for me for my 19th Birthday.

Q: You surely didn´t wait until your 19th birthday to get something up your ass. What or who was the first?

A: The first thing would most probably be my fingers.

Q: Before we come to end, describe yourself please in 3 words:

1. Driven
2. Happy
3. Loving

Q: Decide:

Sweet or salty? Sweet
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Dogs or cats? Neither
Suck or being sucked? Sucking
Wine or beer? Wine

Thanks for the interview Titus – and I pray that you will find the man of your dreams!

If you guys want to follow Titus Snow on social media, here´s the direct link to his twitter account – and stay tuned for his future work on! I am sure you will appreciate and love the young man even more now that you got so many infos about him.