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Detailed & personal interview with sexbomb Titus Snow – Part 1

Detailed & personal interview with sexbomb Titus Snow – Part 1

He´s not just the young man with Greek ancestry from South Africa who finally (and fortunately!) found his way to the UK and to Staxus – he´s the living dream of numerous fans and reason for countless nice wanking moments! I´m speaking of noone less than sexbomb Titus Snow, one of the most adored porn stars of our time and my personal favourite. I do not want to reduce that to his physical qualities alone (his handsome face, his unique dick, his slim body, his sexy ass…) – and his enthusiasm and fervour while creating wonderful porn movies – no! He´s also a self-confident, very charming, yet serious person who does not run through life naively, who is aware of the shady sides of life as well and who developed such a nice personality which lets the sun rise even in the darkest room when he´s smiling :) For me & his other fans it´s the complete package which makes him so fucking great!

This interview was made directly after his most recent shooting for “Army Dropouts“, Staxus´ brand new bareback porn movie, and tomorrow you will be able to watch the opening scene with Titus on (and please not on any of those content stealing tube-sites…). So – cum with me when Titus speaks about his porn work, his piano and other intimate details out of his life in part 1 of this Q&A:

Q: So Titus, during your short time here at Staxus you´ve been hanging and fucking around with some of the hottest guys available: In your very first scene you fucked Enzo Sky, but then you dedicated yourself to the role as bottom and consequently got fucked by Jaro Stone, Jace Reed and in your most recent scene by Benjamin Dunn

A: Oh yes, Benjamin! I remember him very well – I mean I remember all the boys, but he is just such a sweety, and he is a sex God! I didnt want him to stop fucking me.

Q: Looks like someone left a deep impression! How was it like with Jacob Waterhouse for “Army Dropouts”? I heard some rumors you were topping again?

A: Well, John Smith and I thought it might be nice for the fans to see me in a flip-flop-fuck scene. We wanted to give the fans something special – and we all know that flip flops can be extremely hot! So yes, I topped and bottomed :)

Q: Speaking about bottoming and your personal “hero” Benjamin Dunn… He´s not only extremely good looking, he´s also well hung ! So can a dick ever be too big? Or is bigger always better?

A: Yes… It can. Especially since I only bottom when im filming.

Q: And what do you do in the concrete situation if you feel a cock might be too big for you on the first try? I remember for example your scene with the legendary Jace Reed and his ass-splitting monster cock… 

A: I usually just take some time, slowly sit on it and let everything loosen up.

Titus & Jace

Q: Sounds like hard work! haha

A: Yes, making porn is hard work. It´s a job like any other… So you just have to push through and get it done.

Q: What would you say is the hardest part of being in porn and how do you overcome it?

A: Everything about porn is generally difficult but the hardest thing for me is fucking random guys. I barely have sex in my personal life and I´ve never even had a one night stand. Sex means something to me.

Q: Then I guess the sex you have at home looks different to the sex you have in front of the camera…?

A: Definitely! It´s different in every way, there are camera angles to be aware of all the time, the positions you have sex on camera isn´t usually someone would do at home. The pressure of having a film crew around and having to perform. It´s not as easy as people think.

Titus & Jaro 2

Q: Yes indeed – but you manage to let it look naturally and for that I wanna say you a big thanks in the name of all your fans! May I ask something else…? Is there anything you’re not so keen on doing in front of a camera?

A: Rimming and fisting.

Q: And what do you love to do?

A:  I definitely enjoy sucking dick and kissing.

Q: In your video interview on some months ago you told us about having split up with your boyfriend. So I guess there is noone there to kiss you at the moment…?

A: I am Single and in no rush to find a boyfriend… I`m happy being alone and all guys in this country wanna do is fuck and they have no understanding of the what it means to be in a committed relationship. Call me old fashioned, but I believe in monogamy, and committing one’s self to the other person completely.

Q: I wouldn´t call you old fashioned, I would say that´s the way love should be. I know you play the piano and you bought yourself a grand piano. Does that help you to get over the daily problems and the shady sides of life – and what kind of music do you play?

A: Yes I did! Anything really, from classic to rock… I really want to start learning Jazz though.

Q: Can you name the actual piece you train at the moment?

A: It´s a song called “Ballade Por Adeline” by Richard Clayderman.

Because I guess that 90% of you are googling and youtubing this song now I think it´s a good idea to finish part 1 of this surprising, yet very authentic interview and look into the personality of a young man now. In part 2 Titus will tell us about his coming out, his underwear, his big fetish and what or who was the first in his ass :)

In the meantime check out his great scene with Jacob Waterhouse on Sunday, 21st, at!

Titus & Jacob 4