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New HD-Trailer for summery movie „Biker Boyz“!

New HD-Trailer for summery movie „Biker Boyz“!

Summer, bikes – and cocks! When some of your favourite models like award winning porn star Kris Blent, the danish sex export number one Chris Jansen, the sweet and oh-so-innocent looking Johny Cherry and many more join this triad there will be no fan of gay bareback porn out there whose pants won´t be stained by the pure joyful anticipation of those guys riding their bikes – and their stiff cocks!

Take a sneak peek at the four hardcore scenes which will be released during the summery and hot months July and August on, at the sporty boys in skin tight outfits which reveal more than they hide ….

…and at the unusual, but very arousing use of a bike mechanic´s tool :)