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Video Q&A with Titus Snow

Video Q&A with Titus Snow

I have a confession to make: I have a personal favourite – probably like everyone who is reading this blog! – and my current porn hero is Titus Snow… This preference will surely not be a constant one for the next 10 years, but at the moment I simply LOVE Titus! Although, and that is another confession to make, it was not love on first sight, but now I love him a fortiori! What makes him special and really unique is not just his looks, it´s because …

… he has a great personality! Open minded, openly gay and very very friendly he conjures a smile upon every man´s face on and off set and his smiling will let your heart as well melt like butter in the warm sun.

… he plays the piano and guitar! Recently he bought himself a black grand piano which he surely does not use as some sort of extravagant room decoration! Men playing the piano are soooo sexy!

… he is flexible – even with his hair! No matter if it´s pink, short, long or natural – he always looks great. He obviously likes to visit his hairdresser… and I wonder if that´s his place to meet other hot young beauties?

… of his unique and matchless cock. It has a thick base but gets slender and thinner towards the head. Never before have I seen such a cock, neither in porn nor in real life.

For all of you who are as fascinated as I am will release a nice video interview on June, 11th , in which Titus will tell us (besides other things of course) …

… that his first scene for „Twinks in Love“ was quite a challenge for him. He hasn´t „taken such a big dick“ before (he is referring to Jace Reed´s monster cock) so „it was a bit rough“…

… that he left his boyfriend, dated another guy and lives now together with this guy – but he´s single and open for new relationships.

… about his first time in porn, how and where it was – and hey, that was kind of a surprise for me to hear: „Me being an exhibitionist I like getting my dick out anywhere, but…“ a „whole bunch of cameras“ distracted him so much that he „actually got pretty nervous and couldn´t get hard“ so they were not able to finish the scene!

If I were not in love with him already, I would immediately be! I appreciate such honesty and authenticity, especially during a pornographic interview when the person has to admit in public that he couldn´t get a hardon…

And guys, you have to see his smile :) His teeth :) His body :) *sigh*

Let me quote Titus´s last sentence during the interview: „For more – check“. Anything to add? :)