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New trailer & scene overview for „Football Focus 2“

New trailer & scene overview for „Football Focus 2“

Football enthusiasts will surely know that the day after tomorrow the FIFA Euro 2016 will start and the ball will be rolling again!

For some real hardcore fans this often means spending nice evenings with friends, having a barbecue, drinking lots of beer and shouting out loud ;)

For others it´s nothing more but the chance to watch 22 well trained and often handsome young men running up and down the field, watching them exchanging their jerseys after the final whistle and fantasising what one lucky man could do with all those sweaty cocks in the shower room! haha

Personally, I sometimes dream about being the man who has to wash all those socks, pants and shirts… I don´t know if I could resist the temptation not to grab a shirt or some shorts of my favourite player, not to start wanking on it and not to dump my load … ;) Hey, I know it´s just a daydream, but dreaming is allowed, isn´t it?

No matter if you like football or not – you definitely will love the way the boys from STAXUS play with their balls – both the balls between their feet and their legs ;) . Amongst well known team players like Ray Mannix and Jaro Stone you will also witness the ball playing efforts of real amateurs like Max Bishop and Mike Cole – and you may welcome back Jacob Waterhouse for a little guest performance off the football field :)

Enjoy the little trailer for the upcoming movie and have a look at the overview which shows all four scenes, soon available on!

Scene 1: Max Bishop & Mike Cole (9th of June)

Football_Focus_2_1 Max Bishop & Mike Cole

Scene 2: Jacob Waterhouse & Ray Mannix (12th of June)

Football_Focus_2_2-Jacob Waterhouse & Ray Mannix

Scene 3: Ray Mannix & Jaro Stone (7th of July)

Football_Focus_2_3-Jaro Stone & Ray Mannix

Scene 4: Mike Cole, Joel Vargas & Zane Pieters (10th of July)

Football_Focus_2_4-Mike Cole, Joel vargas, Zane Pieters