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New trailer for upcoming cumsoaked movie „Sperm Team“

New trailer for upcoming cumsoaked movie „Sperm Team“

With his piss-drenched world-class porn movie Fucking Pissed Off (which is also available for download at director John Smith – and his willing bunch of cute twinks of course – did not just please all friends of golden showers, but also all of you who like to see hot young boys having hot gay sex.

Although he raised the bar clearly high I would say his next big movie is even better because it´s all about cum – something I personally would not „just“ call a fetish, it´s the elixir of life for every hardcore fan and gay man out there! Or can you imagine watching a porn scene without the climax of the final cumshots?! Without the explosion in your own cock while spurting a nice wad of sticky spunk?

„The more the better“ I use to say – and this time I´m not reffering to the number of guys in a movie , I mean the cum dribbling out of stiff uncut cocks or out of the toys in which those uncut cocks placed their precious loads!

Let the HD trailer inspire you, prepare yourself to see what kinky little adventures are possible when cum´s in the centre of attention – and save your cumshots for the 30th of June when the first scene with Mike Cole and Joshua Levy will go online on!

  • NymphoManiac_Funseeker

    In fact, cum is not only “the elixir of life for every hardcore fan and gay man out there” – in fact, its s the elixir of life as such: without sperm, none of us would exist.

    So, sperm finding its way into a warm, wet, soft pussy is the most natural thing to happen – it’s, in a sense, the destiny of sperm. And for most of us, being gay or bisexual, that pussy can belong to a hot guy, too.

    Looking forward to this movie, from the trailer it seems that at least one of the scenes – hopefully more – will not just show us lots of cum shots und cum play, but also nice cream pies and cum dripping holes!

    Great of Staxus to finally pay some attention again to the role of cum – in porn and beyond ;)

  • biggerthebetter

    Great trailer, lots of good stuff in the trailer =) Looking forward to all of those scene, and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens to those loads in the glass bowl ^^