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Behind the scenes of “Twinks Destroyed 4” with Kris Bent and Gareth Grant

Behind the scenes of “Twinks Destroyed 4” with Kris Bent and Gareth Grant

Here’s another look into the “kitchen” of Staxus. So, what’s cooking in John Smith’s studio? We have been shooting new scenes for the upcoming series / movie “Twinks Destroyed 4”, in which cute twinks take big hard cocks.

The “ingredients” here are two newcomers; Kris Blent and Gareth Grant. The actual scene will be released in a few weeks, but this behind the scenes video already gives you a peek of what’s coming your way. Enjoy!

Kris Blent has been signed as an exclusive Staxus model and for those of you who want to know Kris a little better, please keep an eye on our blog, as we will be doing a Q&A with him very soon.

  • Scott Hunt

    Another one shaved smooth like a little child and with feminine plucked eyebrows and too much makeup. Very soon Staxus will be able to release “The Princess Diaries”. is there a reason for all these femmy twinks lately? Surely people want to see guys having sex and not trannys? or is that the new direction Staxus is taking?

  • bdbetter

    This got me really excited =) Very cool to see the models prepping for the scene, seeing the camera team. I can’t wait for the scene itself, and I got a feeling that the movie is going to be great, the scenes I’ve watched from the previous twinks destroyed movies have been really nice.
    I don’t think that Kris seems femme aside from the makeup, he has a slender body but with good definition of his muscles =)

  • Guido

    sorry, but the clip link doesnt work. have you any idea??

    • Hi Guido, could you give me a little more info about the device (desktop or mobile) and operating system (Windows, iOS, Android) you are using?

  • Guido

    Hi Dennis,
    it is a PC, Windows VistaHome, I am a registered user and the 2daily clips are running.

    • Thanks Guido! I’ll check with the tech guys. We’re using a new video player, which is probably causing troubles for some people.

  • Guido

    PS I am a great fan of the bts, these scenes are even better than the clips;-))

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