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Sneak Peek: The “Shoot This” series is coming up

Sneak Peek: The “Shoot This” series is coming up

Since not everyone visits our forum and thus might miss some of the previews of upcoming scenes, I will share some stuff with our beloved blog readers as well. Next month, we will start off with the first scene from the new “Shoot This” series (on May 1st).

Here’s a little preview of the five scenes from the “Shoot This” series:

Scene 1: Troy Vara and Edward Fox

shootthis11 shootthis12 shootthis13 shootthis14

Scene 2: Roman Smid and Edward Fox

shootthis21 shootthis22 shootthis23 shootthis24

Scene 3: Shane Hirch and Ryan Torres

shootthis31 shootthis32 shootthis33 shootthis34

Scene 4: Carl Ross and Noah Matous

shootthis41 shootthis42 shootthis43 shootthis44

Scene 5: Carl Ross, Zoltan Goral and Ariel Glutton

shootthis51 shootthis52 shootthis53 shootthis54

All of the above scenes will be released on Staxus in May 2015. The scenes are very, very hot… so don’t miss it!