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25 Mar 2014

One thing that’s really great about Staxus is that the fans have a real interest in the boys and the action, and I know the guys in the office and the boys on set pay attention to what you guys think of the videos. You know that the site is going to undergo some changes this year, with new things coming your way and some great developments in the planning. For the time being we’ve come back to the blog for comments and suggestions rather than the forum. Don’t worry, it will be back, and better than ever!

There are a few things that seem to come up in the comments quite a lot, so I thought I would add them to a post and offer my thoughts on them too. This should answer some questions for you without you having to search through posts to see what other guys have been saying ;)

“trex” asked recently why Billy Rubens is only a top and why Staxus doesn’t get him to bottom. He also suggested that he’s only doing here what he’s done on other sites.

As most of you now know, Billy is exclusive to Staxus, so you won’t be seeing him in any new videos on any other sites, at least for a long while! As for him bottoming, Staxus can’t instruct any performer to do something they don’t want to do, however much the fans might want to see it. He’s already done more with us than he has for other sites, because his brand new scene is his first on-screen bareback experience with another boy. He might decide to bottom one day, and we can ask him about that, but ultimately it’s up to him whether he wants to (fingers crossed though! lol)

“John” commented recently that the interracial videos are some of the best releases we’ve seen on the Staxus site.

Many would agree with that. We had a lot of requests for new IR scenes towards the end of last year, and the guys in the office took that on board and filmed a whole collection of them for you guys. It’s good to see that the fans enjoyed that, and it shows again that Staxus does listen to the fans and tries to deliver what the members want.

“Astor” has asked when we might see Kris Wallace being fucked by the huge dick of Alejandro Marbena.

While we can’t give a date for that or even tell you that it is definitely going to happen, I can tell you that it has been noted in a very special notebook for potential action to come ;)

“Eric from Sweden” had the urge to share how gorgeous he thought Billy Rubens is.

We absolutely agree, the boy is stunning! I don’t think there are many members who could possibly disagree with that, it’s like someone suggesting they don’t like puppies, or ice-cream!

There you go guys, I hope these little comments and the responses help you out a little, or just interest you. Feel free to comment on this post and let me know your thoughts, and tell me if you’d like this to be a regular post on the blog too – I’ll need your help with that, so get commenting!

Staxus - Tommy

I'm Tommy, Staxus fan and official blogger. I'm the one who gets the gossip, comments on the videos and shares what's coming up on the Staxus site, with daily posting for the fans to enjoy!

  • bobby bleu

    Too many with too many tatoo’s

  • Staxusfan

    I think the videos are great. Only comment I would have is to have more deep passionate kissing in the videos. I think Kris Wallace is great with that, like George Basten videos are hot because of all the kissing and french kissing. Also, can you do a scene with Brad Fitt and Lebron?

    • Thanks for your comment Staxusfan! I’ll have to look into this and post up some responses to questions for the next post, perhaps in about a week. ;)

  • Simon

    We dont see many “missionary positions” now a days. Is this because it is too intimate for the guys especially if they are straight?

    Still think the last scene from The Silence of the Twinks is the best you have ever done. Loads of deep throating and then sits on the dick with no mucking around balls deep :)

    • I don’t want to speak for the guys in the Staxus office, but I personally think it’s just about variation. There are a lot of members and fans who probably find missionary a little boring, and the styles of filming are pretty organic and depend on the mood, the angles and the theme etc. I’ve seen quite a bit of missionary in recent videos, but I think they just like to mix it up. I don’t think it really makes a lot of difference for the straight guys on set, everyone gets on well with their co-stars and it’s just about having fun and making the best show they can.

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