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Featured Scene: Gang of beauties HD

I suppose that for most of you reading this post the prospect of some outdoor gay sex is far from your mind, unless you want to catch pneumonia or get frostbite on your danglies. I don’t think we have the weather for this kind of horny activity just yet, but that doesn’t stop us from watching some of these great outdoor Staxus scenes and perhaps planning some outdoor adventures of our own the weather warms up a little.

I am doing just that after watching this orgy video in the Gang Bang collection on the site. I have a few plans already for the summer months, and I am determined to be enjoying a lot of hot cock action when the sun finally returns ;)

I can only dream of enjoying that dick fun in a group like this though, with some of the most impressive young men I think we have ever seen on the Staxus site. These boys are all stunning to watch as they gobble and feast on dick, before turning their attentions to some great bareback fucking.

You probably recognize most of the delicious dudes in this outdoor gay sex scene, but for those of you who might not be too familiar, we have Jon Roz, Matt Loughton, Marty Love, Tom Nutt, Peter Clarke and Julien Adagio, which is a great mix I think you’ll agree.

Tom Nutt is the one to get the most action from his gang of friends in this scene, and I can just imagine that most of you would love to be in his position with all their juicy dicks being thrust in his direction. Yep, I’m right there with you on that, I would love to be him in this video!

A Staxus orgy of uncut cock and splashing cum loads! (1)

A Staxus orgy of uncut cock and splashing cum loads! (2)

A Staxus orgy of uncut cock and splashing cum loads! (3)

A Staxus orgy of uncut cock and splashing cum loads! (4)

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