Coming Soon on Staxus: Paul Walker Gives An Interview With Happy End

09 Mar 2014

I am really loving the new interview format, where we get to find out a lot more about the Staxus guys and find out what makes them tick. We saw a hot shoot with new Staxus exclusive Billy Rubens a few days ago, where the gorgeous Russian guy talked about his life outside of porn, how he got into the business, what he thinks about being on screen with guys and how much he’s enjoying his work, and now we have another hot interview and solo coming up with the gorgeous British guy Paul Walker.

You see, I didn’t know that Paul was straight, or that he was British. But then maybe I’m guilty of just not paying enough attention to what’s going on sometimes. lol

I guess it’s a little hard to focus when you have a gorgeous guy enjoying his big uncut cock right there in front of you. But then again, does nationality or even sexuality even matter when you’re enjoying a stunning guy sharing his body on video?

Personally, I think it’s pretty horny to see gay for pay models enjoying themselves and clearly getting off on getting me off. These guys might be accused of having some issues when it comes to sexuality, but I think the ideas about sexuality and labels are all messed up anyway.

So, check out some pics of the handsome and buff Paul and come back to see this gay for pay dude telling us about himself and wanking out some cum on video too, I think we’re all going to enjoy this more intimate video with one of the hottest young British guys ;)

An interview and wanking solo with hot Paul Walker (1)

An interview and wanking solo with hot Paul Walker (2)

An interview and wanking solo with hot Paul Walker (3)

An interview and wanking solo with hot Paul Walker (4)

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