Featured Scene: Two young business guys

31 Jan 2014

I know we’ve had some business-themed scenes on the Staxus blog before, but they always seemed to get quite a lot of appreciation from you guys and when I saw this one in the Staxus Raw collection I thought you would all want to see some photos too. You can watch the video if you’re a member by searching on “Two young business guys”, you’ll find the gallery and the video. For those who aren’t members, first of all WHY? And secondly, you’ll have to make do with some great pics of the action and my little commentary ;)

A business meeting is interrupted when the sounds of sucking and fucking flow through the air, causing a couple of handsome and horny suited guys to go and check out what’s going on. And, like any young man, once they see naked cock being enjoyed they’re soon hard and throbbing themselves.

Now, I know there are some names assigned to this scene on the site, but I don’t think they’re right. For example, I know that’s the stunningly gorgeous Tom Nowy seducing his colleague in this one, and his name isn’t mentioned. I don’t think you’ll care much who these guys actually are, it’s the sight of these guys sucking, fucking and cumming some hot loads from those uncut jock dicks that will have you enthralled.

We switch back and forth between these two duos at the start, just to get things kicked off nicely, but soon it’s all about Tom and his buddy sucking and wanking each other, sharing their lengthy bare cocks with each other in some great oral.

The fucking between these two is really intense though, with the gorgeous stud sliding his inches into the boy and ramming him real good. I love the angles we get in this one, and the sight of Tom pulling all the way out to show off that gaping hole, then slipping his length right back in again.

The cum shots at the end of this one are great too, with our bottom boy being rammed until his jizz is erupting out all over himself, then getting Tom’s juicy protein shot in the face. I really enjoy seeing two guys sharing a cummy kiss at the end of a scene, and this finish is definitely hot!

I know I’m biased when it comes to Tom (seriously, I think I could cum just looking at his gorgeous face and fantasizing about what I would love to do to him) but both those uncut jock dicks are great to watch in action, and both these guys really deliver the goods.

Pop back later for some photos of a brand new scene ;)

Gorgeous uncut jock cocks in action at Staxus (1)

Gorgeous uncut jock cocks in action at Staxus (2)

Gorgeous uncut jock cocks in action at Staxus (3)

Gorgeous uncut jock cocks in action at Staxus (4)

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