New Scene on Staxus: Tim gets caught red-handed and is made to pleasure the guard HD

05 Nov 2013

Have you seen this video yet? It’s been on the Staxus site for a little while now, and after sharing some of the photos with you guys on the blog yesterday I was expecting it to do rather well.

It’s got a good 5 star rating so far, and I expect that’s mainly because Tim Law and Boris Orla make a very hot couple in this scene.

It’s a mensroom sex scene too, something that I know a lot of guys love. There’s no pissing in this one though, and I think I agree with one of the commenters that there should have been. But, that’s just a personal gripe and doesn’t take away from the horny action.

Boris Orla really is setting himself up to be one of the hottest new performers of this year in my opinion. I’ve enjoyed everything he’s appeared in, and you can see from this fuck with Tim that he’s really enjoying himself. After a lot of great cock sucking he slides that raw dick in deep and gives the horny bottom boy a great fuck.

I do enjoy scenes where one boy really dominates another, and I think it could have been better if Boris really was a more powerful top with Tim. We’ve seen Tim take some real hard fucking before, so we know he’s up for that.

All in all it’s a good mensroom sex scene, really hot, and delivers some of what we love to see. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Boris in the future, and of course more of Tim too.

Bareback mensroom sex with Boris Orla and Tim Law

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