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New Scene on Staxus: Schoolboy fucks outdoors HD

I did mention in the last post that we had a lot of hardcore action to share on the blog with you all this evening, and this is the first hot video I want you to all take a look at and enjoy.

You know we’ve had a lot of gay student sex scenes on the Staxus site recently, and they’ve been going down a storm (much like many of our boys! lol) with all the members. It’s understandable, because the sight of a hot twink in a sexy uniform and some of the settings we’ve had is so horny. But this one takes it in an interesting and imaginative direction!

For the latest gay student sex scene we’re taking the action back out of the classroom and into the woods, with Jaye Elektra and Jayden Middleton sharing their hard twink cocks in some mutual sucking, and all leading up to some bareback fucking!

Jaye Elektra is seeking the school and is a little bit lost, but he thankfully stumbles across gardener Jayden Middleton who is more than happy to help him out.

  • Jayden isn’t just interested in helping the boy find the school of course, and during their journey they take a break to share those dicks and fuck some cum out in the woods ;)
  • I know a lot of the members have been talking about bringing a teacher into the proceedings in these student themed videos, but I didn’t see a gardener coming – I have now! lol
  • A hot new gay student sex scene on the Staxus site (1)A hot new gay student sex scene on the Staxus site (2)A hot new gay student sex scene on the Staxus site (3)A hot new gay student sex scene on the Staxus site (4) 

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