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Featured Scene: Naked in an empty restaurant

It’s not too uncommon for horny guys to get their dicks out for some fun in some pretty interesting and risky places, but the idea of fucking in a restaurant is something I think would be way too risky for most of us. I guess that’s another reason a lot of guys will love this bareback gay video on the Staxus site though – it’s something we might fantasize about doing but probably never will! lol

What starts off as a really hot cock sucking soon moves on to something more intense as a tight little butt is licked out and prepared for that cock too. Naked and hard and in need of unloading, that long prick eases in raw and gets to work. It’s a fast-paced fuck, hip slapping and ball swinging, and it does the trick as our top boy pulls out to splash his friends ass with his thick ropes of cum.

But this bareback gay video isn’t quite over yet, there’s still a cock with a cum load to pump out. You know where that load is going too, right? Yep, all over that sexy blond boys face and mouth ;)

Check out this video on the site by doing a search on “Naked in an empty restaurant”. I know there’s not a lot in the gallery – as you can see from these pics – but the video is absolutely worth watching!

Two uncut boys fucking bareback on video (1)

Two uncut boys fucking bareback on video (2)

Two uncut boys fucking bareback on video (3)