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Featured Scene: Dominik fucks his straight mate

Happy Friday guys! I guess a lot of you are off out tonight, having some drinks with friends or out on the pull and looking for some action. I have a plan to go to the pub with a good buddy of mine, and he’s one of those guys I’ve fantasized about for as long as I’ve known him. Yep, he’s a straight dude, and thinking about him this afternoon has had me watching this scene on the Staxus site.

This is one of those videos where a lad gets his buddies straight guy dick in his mouth and then gets to fuck his virgin ass too, although I think it’s fair to assume that his friend Dylan Freeman isn’t really straight ;)

My buddy is though, and although we’ve wanked together a couple of times a while ago he’s not likely to let me fuck him in the ass like Dylan Freeman does in this scene. Even though I’m usually more of a top, I would even let my hot buddy ram his straight guy dick in my ass if he wanted to!

Maybe I’ll just offer him my ass tonight at the pub and see what he says? You never know unless you ask, right? lol

So, check out the fucking Dylan gets from Dominik Trojan in this video, and make sure you check back here soon for some pics from the latest new scene on the site ;)

Dylan Freeman gets his virgin ass fucked (1)

Dylan Freeman gets his virgin ass fucked (2)

Dylan Freeman gets his virgin ass fucked (3)

Dylan Freeman gets his virgin ass fucked (4)

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