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Milan Sharp – Who was his best top?

Which Staxus boy gave Milan Sharp the best fucking?After the post earlier about all the hot boys Milan Sharp has fucked on video, and asking you to pick your favourite scene from them, we had to flip things for this post and ask you who you thought gave him the best fuck too! You know this boy is a versatile hottie and he loves to get fucked as much as he loves to do the fucking, so check out his previous appearances sliding his raw hole around other boys stiff dicks and let us know in the comments which one gets your cock unloading the most!

We start this with a great scene where delicious Neo Matthews slid his impressive shaft into that tight little ass of Milan’s. The boy was obviously in heaven all through this scene, as you can see by the horny grin on his face as he takes that solid cock in his butt. You can see more pics of Neo Matthews fucking Milan Sharp in the previous post about it.

Milan Sharp gets fucked by Neo Matthews

And who can forget the impressive sight of Darin Bone easing his immense cock into that hot hole? Milan Sharp pretty much proved himself as a hungry and horny bottom in this scene, with that hung top fucking his chute deep and hard. You can see some more pics of Darin Bone fucking Milan in the previous post.

Milan Sharp takes every inch of hung boy Darin BoneA personal favourite of mine was the scene where Milan Sharp took two hard muscle boys on and got an intense gay double penetration fuck from both horny jock guys. Damien Dickey and Denis Reed double teamed him good in that one, cramming both their hard cocks into his hole at once and making him take it. He loved it though! See more pics from that gay double penetration scene.

Damien Dickey and Denis Reed team up to double fuck Milan SharpSo there you have it guys! The very first Staxus Model Day Tuesday is done, and we have a whole lot of action to keep you busy. We want to know which of these videos you think was hotter, who fucked Milan’s ass in the best way and what had you cumming a hard load as a result. Share your thoughts in the comments and make sure you check out the videos if you haven’t already! Ciao for now ;)

I'm Tommy, Staxus fan and official blogger. I'm the one who gets the gossip, comments on the videos and shares what's coming up on the Staxus site, with daily posting for the fans to enjoy!

  • Theo

    I think Milan looked at his best in his scene with Neo Matthews. His performance in that scene was excellent with some good sucking and rimming. But he took the dicks of Darin and Damien + Denis as a real pro so I once again can’t decide. What I like about Milan Sharp is his versatility, his ability to perform well in front of the camera and his onscreen persona. Does Milan himself realize what an excellent model he is?

  • Simon

    Have to agree with Theo. Neo is much better… becasue it was more real. Yes ye took the double penetration with ease.

    The Darin guy just does nothing for me so seeing his with Milan is a shame in my eyes.. That’s MY eyes not everyone’s before you start to have a go at me. Just personal

  • Marko

    i also vote for scene with Neo, one can see good conection with both guys. great scene!