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Hairy, Trimmed or Shaved?

There’s a discussion going on with some of the models and fans on the Staxus Forum right now all about whether a guy looks better shaved, trimmed or hairy. If you want to get involved just head into the forum and check out the discussion there. I thought I would be an interesting thing to ask on the blog though, to see what you guys might think about it.

I think I’m pretty specific about this subject myself. For instance, I like the shaved look on a really big muscled guy, but not on a twink. I used to think I was all about the trimmed look before, but when I met up with a guy I know at the gym and we shared a shower, I saw that his cock was totally shaved, and it really looked good!

So, in my opinion, if you’re a big muscle jock then I think it can look good. But I think if you’re a lean guy, it probably looks better to me if the balls are shaved, but there’s some thatching on the cottage roof ;)

What say you guys? Are you a shaved dude, a trimmed follower of fashion, or a 70’s porn star with big bushy junk? And maybe you prefer to see one thing while being something different yourself?

Oh, and if you have a Pejazzle (I’ll forgive you if you need to look that up! lol) we want pics! ;)