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Featured Scene: Two smooth schoolboys

On Saturday I shared some really sexy pics of a new scene arriving on the Staxus site with gorgeous boys Neo Matthews and Milan Sharp, and it’s finally up for all you horny guys to check out and jerk off over! I’ve been enjoying it today, and I have to say that it’s a really great pairing.

Both boys have pretty impressive dicks, and Milan’s ass is just crying out for some cock inside it from his buddy Neo, he definitely gets it too, but not before a whole lot of shared sucking that sees both boys devouring their friends boner.

The shared sucking is pretty intense, especially the 69. But when Milan offers his twink ass for his buddy to sink his cock into Neo doesn’t hold back. There are a lot of great views of his raw dick easing in and out of Milan, and the bottom boy stays hard all the way through as his friend fucks him deep right there on the desk.

Now, I have to say that although the sight of Milan’s twink ass getting fucked by Neo is great, nothing prepared me for the cum shot. I’m not kidding when I say Milan spews jizz from his dick all over himself! I don’t know whether he was holding cum back for days before this scene, but something led to one of the biggest and wettest cum loads I think I have ever seen on the Staxus site!

Neo gives him a taste reward for giving up his ass and erupting such an amazing cum shot too though, wanking out his own splooge into the boys face and giving him a taste of it.

Milan Sharp gives his hot hole to Neo Matthews (1)

Milan Sharp gives his hot hole to Neo Matthews (2)

Milan Sharp gives his hot hole to Neo Matthews (3)

Milan Sharp gives his hot hole to Neo Matthews (4)

I'm Tommy, Staxus fan and official blogger. I'm the one who gets the gossip, comments on the videos and shares what's coming up on the Staxus site, with daily posting for the fans to enjoy!

  • Marko

    one of better scenes this year. really enjoyed it!