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Featured Scene: Sex in a stairwell

I’m guessing that a few of you guys have had sex in some interesting places. We all have though, haven’t we? Sometimes when your cock gets hard and you need to get off you’ll find anywhere to shoot a load with another guy. I was thinking about that just now and looking through the scenes on the Staxus site when I found this one and got to thinking about public gay sex.

It’s probably illegal where you are (it is here in the UK) but that doesn’t stop guys from finding secret places to enjoy their dicks.

I used to work on a building site as a security guard a few years ago and there was this old tower attached to the building that they were gonna be pulling down. And one morning I climbed up there and found a stack of hardcore porn mags by this little bench. I had a good look through, and there was a lot of cock in them, even though they were straight mags. So I had a wank, shot a load, then put them back in a specific position.

I didn’t know if it was kids who used to go in there, or whether it was the hot builder who worked in that area. So the next night I went back in and they’d all moved around, and I knew it was the hot builder jacking off during the day! ;)

Of course that got me thinking about the guy stroking his cock over those mags, maybe with one of his builder buddies there jerking off with him too. Maybe they help each other out, maybe they suck each other a little… needless to say I didn’t need the mags to help me shoot a massive load thinking about that! lol

So this video is about the gay public sex between two gorgeous young guys, finding a stairwell and getting their cocks out for some fun, sucking each other and fucking right there until both are jerking out their cum all over their dicks. It’s a great video, definitely worth watching.

While I’m here and asking, what’s the strangest place you’ve jerked off or had sex with a guy? I think it might be interesting to know. Have you ever had any gay public sex?

Samuel Hoffman and Joe Donovan sucking and fucking at Staxus (1)

Samuel Hoffman and Joe Donovan sucking and fucking at Staxus (2)

Samuel Hoffman and Joe Donovan sucking and fucking at Staxus (3)

Samuel Hoffman and Joe Donovan sucking and fucking at Staxus (4)

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