Staxus Forum Getting Off The Ground

07 Dec 2012

So, yesterday I mentioned on here that we have the new Staxus Forum open and accepting visitors, and a few of you are already in there and getting involved in the discussion. I’m going to be back in there this evening too, but I wanted to let all of those who haven’t joined in what you’re missing ;)

There are a few things that I know the guys in the office want to do with the Staxus Forum, and one of the most important is getting feedback on what you horny boys all want to see on video.

That’s why they’ve already started a suggestions thread all about what you guys want to see in the scenarios. This is your chance to shape the scenes you want to see on the Staxus site, and bring some of your fantasies to life on the screen. It’s a great opportunity, and with guys like Michael Burling (UK Producer and Director) there on the forum and getting involved you can send your ideas directly to the guys who make the decisions!

If you want to see one of the boys in a special pairing or a kinky scenario, why not get in there and start discussing it!?

I’ll be in there later to say hi and get involved too, so come and say hello to everyone ;)

And remember, you don’t have to be a member of the site (although it helps if you want to talk about the new scenes and performers). Anyone can join the forum and get chatting.

Staxus - Tommy

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