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Featured Scene: The first guest in my house

I hope your weekend is going well! I’m about to make it even better with some pics from a new scene a little later, and the video is due to arrive on the Staxus site any time now. But for the moment I wanted to share one of the gay outdoor sex scenes I’ve been wanking to today ;)

I was actually invited to go cruising tonight with a friend of mine, but as it’s so cold out, I just knew that I would end up with frostbite on my knob. lol

Yeah, I’m always up for some cock action when I can get it, and I love a good session of outdoor sex, but sometimes it’s just too freakin cold for me!

Instead, I spent a little time this afternoon enjoying some of the gay outdoor sex scenes on the site, and this one had me cumming a messy load. It stars two sexy guys, Stephen Blake and Cole Macey, sharing their cocks in the garden.

As I understand it, the theme for this one is that Cole Macey has a house where he lets young guys come and stay in exchange for some chores being done. And one of the most important chores is sucking cum from a hard cock or taking some inches of dick up the arse!

Stephen Blake is horny enough for some gay outdoor sex already, he’s been wanking his dick out in the sun, so when Cole decides to share his boner with the lad he’s on it!

It’s a pretty cool fantasy, and I can totally spend a while thinking about what I would do if I had a house full of eager young men with balls full of cum. I’m already picturing the orgy! ;)

Cole Macey bareback fucks twink boy Stephen Blake (1)

Cole Macey bareback fucks twink boy Stephen Blake (2)

Cole Macey bareback fucks twink boy Stephen Blake (3)

Cole Macey bareback fucks twink boy Stephen Blake (4)

I'm Tommy, Staxus fan and official blogger. I'm the one who gets the gossip, comments on the videos and shares what's coming up on the Staxus site, with daily posting for the fans to enjoy!

  • Motzki


    This scene from ‘Bare Hostel’ (2009) is the only one of Stephen Blake bottomimg I know.

    In about 30 other movies of different studios he apperared from 2009 to 2011 he was strictly a top.

    Maybe it was his very first shooting – and director Iresch gave him some extra pain & suffering money Blake couldn’t deny…. ;)