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Featured Scene: Hot, fast and frantic

Muscle tops and twink bottoms, that’s what this hardcore bareback scene is all about. It’s one of my recent finds on the Staxus site, and I’ve now wanked out a load to it twice already. You know I have a thing for the military porn though, right? lol

The thing that makes this scene really hot for me is the comparison between the guys. I get off on watching muscle tops fucking some hot hole or twink bottoms getting their puckers stretched out, so when the two collide in a gay fourgy like this you can be sure I’m gonna be jerking off over it more than a couple of times.

The two muscle tops are the instigators for this one, teaching their younger army buddies what it means to be a real man. You know both these tops have had more than their fair share of hot ass already, but they always want more and the two twink bottoms are more than happy to provide it.

As you might expect, there is a whole lot of tasty cock sucking in this one, and one of those muscle boys delivers a messy cum load for the two boys to enjoy as they share his hooded cock between them. But the sight of the other top ramming some ass and all the close-up cock action is really intense.

When he pulls his shaft out the boys hole is gaping and and we can see right inside that velvety chute before the dude thrusts his dick right back in again. And stay tuned after that to see the top cumming all over that fucked hole and sliding his slippery cock right back in again ;)

Another one to add to my list! lol

Two gay twink bottoms share their muscle tops (1)

Two gay twink bottoms share their muscle tops (2)

Two gay twink bottoms share their muscle tops (3)

Two gay twink bottoms share their muscle tops (4)