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Featured Scene: Cum up the arse

After the gossip post earlier today I was checking out some of the previous gay army sex scenes on the Staxus site and when I found this one I knew it would make a good addition to the blog, and probably get quite a few of you guys checking it out.

It’s one of those gay army sex scenes with some real hot muscle boys sucking and fucking in the scene, but although it’s not actually set in a real military barracks it’s pretty convincing.

Julien Heath is at the mercy of handsome stud muffin Alex Grander for this one, with the blond boy sliding his raw inches into the hairy pucker of his comrade and banging his brains out! I know a lot of you really get off on seeing Julien getting his ass banged (he’s been in some really great gang bang scenes with a military or uniform theme too) but the sight of the handsome blond stud Alex fucking his ass and pumping out his cream all over that hole adds to the horniness of this one for me.

There’s no doubting that Alex Grander is the dominator in this gay army sex scene, totally owning Julien’s hairy boy pussy and cumming all over his freshly fucked hole. I counted seven delicious spurts of semen as Alex pumped it out and soaked his bottom buddy’s ass with his cream, and then Julien gets some of that cum in his chute too as Alex continues to fuck him with his still hard shaft!

Check it out when you get the chance, just log in and run a search on “Cum up the arse” and you’ll find the gallery and video – definitely worth watching if you love seeing a guy dominated ;)

Julien Heath gets bareback fucked by Alex Grander (1)

Julien Heath gets bareback fucked by Alex Grander (2)

Julien Heath gets bareback fucked by Alex Grander (3)

Julien Heath gets bareback fucked by Alex Grander (4)

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