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Featured Scene: Close up barebacking boys!!

I went to the gym this afternoon and had the most awesome time. I’m not kidding, it really reminded me of some of the soccer boy orgy scenes on the Staxus site. I’ve picked one out that I enjoyed when I got home after all the sights I saw, and thought you guys might appreciate me sharing it with you.

So I thought it was gonna be another boring day, with the usual guys there and the occasional hottie I might imagine naked or see in the showers. It’s a pretty standard place, so there’s not a lot of chance of any cock fun with any guys during the day (there has been the occasional shared wank in the showers later in the day though).

I did my usual cardio for an hour, then went to annoy a body-builder mate of mine I saw walking in, and then I went to go and shower before heading home. Just as I was walking into the locker room a gang of football players raucously filed through before me. Being the wimp that I am I immediately ran to reception to ask if the showers were actually open to the rest of their customers and was assured that it was business as usual, they’d just lent a local college team use of the pitch at the back of the gym because the college pitch was flooded and frozen over.

Holy fuck! I walked into the showers and it was like a fantasy come true! A gang of hot young lads with tight bods and smooth uncut cocks in various states of chubbiness were there before me, all messing about and loudly chatting to each other, washing themselves down…

Needless to say I had an instant hard-on, but none of them noticed. Or at least none of them said anything. I spent fifteen minutes in there pretending to shower, while actually just watching them all come and go, their smooth bods all shiny and wet, their hairy butts tempting me, their uncut cocks swinging around…

So, that meant that as soon as I was home I was checking out some of my favourite footballer sex scenes on the site and stroking my cock thinking about those lads. Now I know what college it is I’m going to see if I can get a timetable for their matches and time my gym visits, just in case they plan on using the facilities some more in the future! lol

Makes me want to go and join a team myself ;)

Uncut boys enjoy some gay footballer sex in the locker room at Staxus (1)

Uncut boys enjoy some gay footballer sex in the locker room at Staxus (2)

Uncut boys enjoy some gay footballer sex in the locker room at Staxus (3)

Uncut boys enjoy some gay footballer sex in the locker room at Staxus (4)

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