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Coming Soon on Staxus: Sporty Gay Wrestling Scenes!

I know a lot of you guys get horny over the sporty scenes as much as I do, and when I got these pics in an email this afternoon I couldn’t wait to share them on the Staxus blog with you all.

This actually got me thinking about when my sporty fetish started. I know that I have a fetish for uncut cock and can trace that back to my first wanking buddy who had a really long hood that he loved having me play with. But I don’t know where my love of sports porn and gay wrestling scenes comes from. I guess it might be all those years of checking out the guys in the locker rooms and showers and getting hard catching them with a chubby dick? lol

Wherever it comes from, I know for a fact I’m not alone. Some of you guys have been requesting some gay wrestling action for a while now (JAGarcia springs to mind!) and you’re finally getting it in these new scenes!

They’re working their way through editing and post production now, and they should be on the site in the middle and end of the month – as long as the guys in the editing suite stop wanking long enough to get them done ;)

Interesting factoid that kind of relates to the gossip earlier… the guy in the last pic with the comedy face covering his is actually one of the camera assistants who got so turned on watching the action he hauled out his dick and walked onto the set to join in!

Having guys wanking out a cum load behind the cameras isn’t so unusual, but it takes some balls to walk into the action with your dribbling cock swinging in the models faces. He was rewarded though and welcomed with open mouthed appreciation! lol

I can’t wait for these scenes to arrive. A hot boy in a singlet cannot be beaten – except maybe by a hot boy stripping out of one.

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New Staxus scenes arriving this month (4)

New Staxus scenes arriving this month (5)

New Staxus scenes arriving this month (6)

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