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Coming Soon on Staxus: Mission Complete As Secret Hero Gets To Pummel Bad Boy’s Ass!

I know a lot of you have been enjoying the Skyball scenes as much as I have, and for fans of Luke Desmond especially you are going to love the scene arriving later tonight on the Staxus site.

It’s a bit of a tease to have these pics on here before the video arrives, but I like to be teased I guess. It definitely does the trick though, because after looking through the gallery for this new scene I really can’t wait to see Luke Desmond giving his hard uncut British cock to Skylar Blu!

So I guess you know that Luke Desmond is playing the role of the British agent in this Bond parody. He’s done a pretty good job of filling those shoes too (come on, who else here had fantasies about getting fucked by James Bond back in the day? Maybe I’m telling a little too much about myself with that statement! lol)

After all the action filmed in the UK, we’re now in Prague, as Luke Desmond and Skylar Blu head to a club where their cock lust takes over and the two are soon gobbling on each others uncut boners.

Fans of both these boys will likely predict what’s about to happen…

Luke Desmond is always an impressive top, and after all that delicious knob gobbling Skylar is offering his smooth and perfectly tight little pucker for the hung guy to slide his shaft into!

Apparently, Skylar gets a tasty mess of man milk all over his mouth and dripping from his chin by the end.

I haven’t seen this video yet either, so stick around and stay tuned to the site to enjoy it with me tonight. ;)

Skylar Blu takes Luke Desmond's Hung Uncut Cock (1)

Skylar Blu takes Luke Desmond's Hung Uncut Cock (2)

Skylar Blu takes Luke Desmond's Hung Uncut Cock (3)

Skylar Blu takes Luke Desmond's Hung Uncut Cock (4)

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