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Staxus Photo Session: Felix Webster

This is a very special post, something for a few visitors to the Staxus blog especially. Felix Webster already has a pretty good fan club going out there, and I definitely expect that to grow once you all see these pics of the lad. You really need to check out the video we had of Felix Webster on the blog recently too.

So, this post is specially for Marko and Denny, who both showed their appreciation for Felix Webster in the last post with that sexy video.

Marko was pretty happy to see this gorgeous young lad on the Staxus site (and so was I!) and he especially wanted to see a scene with Felix Webster and Brad Fitt on the site – well, your wish is our command, and you can expect to see that hardcore scene with Felix Webster and Brad on the site next month ;)

But before then, we have another great scene we want to share with you too, with Felix Webster and the delicious twink boy Tim Law. You can expect to see that one arriving on the site in the coming week or two so make sure you stay tuned (you might want to check that you’re on the blog mailing list).

Some of you might know a little about Felix Webster already, but did you know that this lad is a professional hockey player? I guess that explains the awesomely hot body the lad has.

He was born in a small village in South Moravia in April 1991, but I think he’s now more of a city boy – it can be hard to get all the cock action a boy needs in a small village! He has a big appetite for sex, and he loves the slim lads like Brad Fitt, so it’s a good thing we thought to team them up, I guess! lol

Enjoy these pics of the handsome Felix Webster, and make sure you stay tuned to the blog for more of this sexy guy in the future. Thanks to Marko and Denny, two of our regular readers and commenters for showing such support for him.

Just goes to show, we listen to the fans around here ;)

Felix Webster Photo Shoot (1)

Felix Webster Photo Shoot (2)

Felix Webster Photo Shoot (3)

Felix Webster Photo Shoot (4)

Felix Webster Photo Shoot (5)

Felix Webster Photo Shoot (6)

Felix Webster Photo Shoot (7)

I'm Tommy, Staxus fan and official blogger. I'm the one who gets the gossip, comments on the videos and shares what's coming up on the Staxus site, with daily posting for the fans to enjoy!

  • Marko

    oh my…good that i opened this site before going to bed, so i can dream of Felix… thanks staxus!

  • Theo

    Lovely smile and a nice pair of BALLS!

  • Felix is cut and hung… Marko, I’m joining you!!!

  • Marko

    oh yes, those BALLS are full of sweet, sweet nectar :)

  • Simon

    Oh this guy is amazing :). He recently a fun time with the lovely Brad, and that is what got me hooked. And the one amazing this with this guy…. He actually looks like he is enjoying what he does :) which makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE :)

    Oh and what a cracking smile he has :)

  • Denny

    So late to notice this specially heart-warming post,thank you,Andy. Staxus recently recruited lots of wonderful guys, one of them is Brad Fitt (needless to say, Felix is my favorite XD). Brad’s tanned and fit body is truly inviting, though I only saw him from pictures, but I still deeply drenched by his slim figure, drowning smile that I could not stop searching more of him. Much surprising is Staxus combine these two sweet guys together, so soon we can see how badly Felix love sex, and Brad enjoy it! Thank you, Andy. You make this site much better.

  • Lovely thick cock and huuuge balls …Needs to pay attention to his fingernails though ( in first scene in Straight Cz Rentboys) they are filthy !!!

  • Keith

    Up to now Brad Fitt has been my favourite model, but can’t wait to see Felix in action!
    Did he do a scene with Brad ? Must have missed it. Would love to put that on my favourites!
    Can you do an interview?. Would like to know more about this fantastic boy.

    • Hi Keith!

      Felix did a scene with Brad and one with Tim Law so far. We’ll have both of them soon on Staxus.

      I’ll talk to our team in Prague to get an interview with him ;)


      • Marko

        oh yes, please, get an interview, i would like to know about his hockey, who is his sports star, whats his favorite music, does he like to travel, which destination has he visited so far….ah, so many questions :)

        • Keith

          Thanks for your reply. Yes, agree with Marko, Not only his sports interests, but how he got involved with Staxus and his introduction to the industry. Bit about his sexual likes and dislikes general background. It means so much more to me to know the boys as well as just looking at them on the set.

  • Alex

    I love him !!! But It’s too late.I want to kill myself.Dear Tommy~Please tell me his real name