Staxus Gossip: New Scenes Coming!

14 Nov 2012

Okay guys, I have something pretty special for this gossip post! My little spy in the Amsterdam office sent me an email earlier and told me about some of the new scenes they’ve been filming with some totally gorgeous boys, and he sent me some pics of the action too! These are some of the scenes coming to Staxus in late November and early December, but he wanted to get some of this out there to you guys as soon as possible.

You know that a few of the members have been asking about when we might see some interaction between the gorgeous British twinks and the Czech boys, and to show that they have been paying attention they have some great action lined up.

Some of the names appearing in those scenes include Brad Fitt, Connor Levi, Kevin Ateah, Skylar Blu and Jesse Magowan – but that’s just the start, there are more too! ;)

Something I know all of you are gonna really love (and me too) is an interview and scene between Brad Fitt and Connor Levi. The guys got on so well, they have a lot in common – their love of cock being the main thing of course – and it led to a really hot scene.

Seeing that British twink getting it on with Brad is going to be so hot. Check out the pics, and stay tuned to Staxus in the coming weeks to see those scenes arriving. We will of course be bringing you more news about that on the blog too. I’m sure there’s a lot of gossip to be shared about these scenes until they finally arrive ;)

Gay sex scenes coming to Staxus soon! (1)

Gay sex scenes coming to Staxus soon! (2)

Gay sex scenes coming to Staxus soon! (3)

Gay sex scenes coming to Staxus soon! (4)

Gay sex scenes coming to Staxus soon! (5)

Gay sex scenes coming to Staxus soon! (6)

Gay sex scenes coming to Staxus soon! (7)

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  • connor levi

    its connor again well what can i say about shooting theys i got to PLAY WITH BRAD AND JESSI AND BY GOLLY DID I SHOOT MY LOAD ! :p although mikey said i can only play with jessi once i almost cried .
    NO ! YOU CANT GIVE ME BOYS AND TAKE THEM AWAY im sure hes only kidding but i cant wait for my next sexual feast :D
    <3 connor levi xxx

    • Theo

      Idea for a scene: you fucking Brad on the London Eye!

      • Brad Fitt

        heeey Theo …. it´s good idea :-P me and Connor Levi having sex on the London Eye :-D

        cheers :-*


        • Dear Brad,

          So nice to have you here as well :)

          Thanks for taking the time to get in touch with your fans!

          All the best,

        • brad if i go up the London eye petrified as i will be . im going to bring spiders lol because i know how much you just love them :D x

  • connor levi

    im frightened of heights but with that hot idea im sure if brad held on tight ;) id feel the sexual ride up will be imence :P

  • Motzki


    If I were the responsible company owner, I would reactivate some really well endowed former Staxus/Eurocreme models like Billy Jay & Steven Prior…

    ….and bring them together with some of the twinks of today.

    The youngsters who took these big boys without too much complaints – should get a well doped special contract for compensation.

    And those who fail… well… they should be transfered temporarily for disciplinary reasons to some upcoming ‘Twink & Dad’ movies of Mr. Burling…. ;)


  • Freakishly HOT!!!

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