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Featured Scene: Two uniformed hotties

Hey guys! How is you’re “humpday” going? I’m going to confess that I only recently worked out what this Americanism means. I know, I’m a bit of a dope sometimes lol

I have a couple of hot scenes to share with you today, but before I do I wanted to comment on some recent discussion here on the Staxus blog that seems to be all about realism and fantasy.

A couple few of the guys have been talking about the acting and the drama in some of the videos, and it’s a reasonable discussion to have. But I think my view is that porn is supposed to be fantasy, the stories are there for the guys who like to get more involved, and it gives some structure to the scene. Think about it, if we didn’t have any themes or stories, it would just be boys arriving and fucking. In my opinion that’s a little too boring, and it would make Staxus no different from a lot of regular gay porn sites out there.

I think it’s important to make the scenes more fun, and whether you think the stories are lame or interesting, they don’t really hurt the action at all, do they? I don’t think anyone expects to see Oscar winning performances on the scale of Brad Pit or Matt Damon lol

Anyway, back to the posts of hot action for today! ;)

I’m kicking off with a great gay voyeur video, with a couple of uniformed hotties watching another couple of guys sucking and fucking to some hot loads. It’s a pretty great scene for those of us who get off on the gay voyeur video thing – and yes, I am one of those guys! lol

Check out some pics and click through to see the video, just do a little search on “Two uniformed hotties” and you’ll find both the gallery and the video to enjoy.

Gay Voyeur Video with two uncut boys at Staxus (1)

Gay Voyeur Video with two uncut boys at Staxus (2)

Gay Voyeur Video with two uncut boys at Staxus (3)

Gay Voyeur Video with two uncut boys at Staxus (4)

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