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Featured Scene: Prison-cell cum-sodden love-in

Hands up all those guys here who love all the gay prison sex we have on the Staxus site! Okay, although I can’t see you all I know that these horny scenes are definitely some of your favourites, and I can see why with hung boys like Jimmy Call!

Robin Few and Jimmy Call are cell mates, and we all know what goes on between cell mates!

Let’s not beat around the bush here, when guys have balls full of cum every day and they need a release, plenty of them make arrangements with other guys to help them out. Some might keep it tame with some mutual cock wanking, giving each other a hand to shoot a load, and some might go for some mutual sucking action too, helping their bud out for the same in return. But some guys go all the way and share their tight fuck hole with another dude!

That’s the deal here, with that hung boys ass being the one getting stuffed!

I would have loved to have seen them flip-flop and for Robin Few to get his butt banged too, especially considering the length of the tool Jimmy Call has. But the action is hot nonetheless, with Jimmy getting a cum splashing all over his fucked hole before wanking out his own cream too.

Fucking A Hung Boys Ass (1)

Fucking A Hung Boys Ass (2)

Fucking A Hung Boys Ass (3)

Fucking A Hung Boys Ass (4)