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Featured Scene: Full-headed satisfaction

Back on Friday we had some great pics of an upcoming scene for the Staxus site, with the delicious hung guy Luke Desmond getting some cock action with a sexy boy. Well, I’m sure a lot of you have noticed that the scene is now up on the site – but for those who didn’t know, IT IS! ;)

I thought you might want another couple of pics from the action these lads enjoy in the video. We all know that the scenes from the new Skyball movie are hot as hell, and plenty of us have been eager to see them too. When you have a star like hung guy Luke Desmond getting his dick wet inside a boys hole you can be guaranteed a great scene!

The boy in question is the totally adorable Aaron Aurora, but although the twink always looks sweet and sexy in his scenes, he’s actually playing the role of the hired killer planning to take out Luke!

It’s okay though, because hung guy Luke has other plans for his would be assassin involving a lot of hard inches being swapped back and forth and with that potential killers snug little smooth ass being pounded hard and deep ;)

It’s on the site now, go and check it out and have a nice wank!

Hung Guy Luke Desmond Tops Aaron Aurora (1)

Hung Guy Luke Desmond Tops Aaron Aurora (2)

Hung Guy Luke Desmond Tops Aaron Aurora (3)

Hung Guy Luke Desmond Tops Aaron Aurora (4)

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