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Coming this Sunday on Staxus: Connor Levi & Kevin Ateah – RAW!

I’m ending the posting today with something really horny that is definitely gonna have a lot of you hard and stroking it. Normally we just share a few pics from a scene that’s on the way to the Staxus site, but this time we thought that a trailer should be thrown your way too! I think you’ll appreciate this one when you see it.

This bareback twink video is gonna knock your socks off, and if you can’t wait until it arrives on Sunday, you might want to come back a couple more times and watch this trailer again. ;)

If you’re a fan of the site already you probably know that the gorgeous Kevin Ateah is one of the greediest bottom boys we have. This lad can really take a fucking from the other boys and whenever there’s a hot new lad around the place you can guarantee that Kevin is gonna be on the list to take their cock in his ass.

New twink lad Connor Levi definitely isn’t complaining. You can almost feel the lust between these guys as they get sucking on those dicks and swap them back and forth. The rimming is pretty thorough too as both get licking on those holes, but the real bareback twink action really starts when Connor slides his cock in and gets fucking Kevin’s hole.

I’ve only seen what you’ve seen for this video, so I’m looking forward to this one arriving on Sunday too!

Bareback Twink Bottom Boy Kevin Ateah

Bareback Twink Bottom Boy Kevin Ateah

Bareback Twink Bottom Boy Kevin Ateah

Bareback Twink Bottom Boy Kevin Ateah