Coming Soon on Staxus: Two dirty chavs rim and fuck for all their cheap meat’s worth!

13 Nov 2012

Well, isn’t this a deliciously teasing and tasty treat!? Two hung uncut guys sharing their meaty cocks on the rooftop for a hardcore Staxus scene, wanking each other and sucking those dicks before getting down and dirty with some ass slamming!

It really is a game of “hide the salami” with two hung uncut guys like Luke Desmond and Damian Boss. Both these dudes have some seriously impressive inches, and while I know people have differing views when it comes to the idea of the guys in a scene being hung before, I don’t think we can deny that in this one.

This is what real good buds are like, kicking back and playing with their meat together, just chilling out and jacking it. But these guys go a little further than that. No, actually, scratch that, they go a LOT further than that!

The mutual wanking becomes some delicious mutual sucking as they lick and slurp on each others cocks, but Damian Boss especially loves to sink his cock into something warm and wet, and Luke’s mouth just isn’t enough for him.

That’s all cool with Luke though, because although he might have started out as an almost dedicated top when he first got into hardcore gay porn, these days he’s totally up for giving his ass to a guy to fuck.

These are some of the pics, and it looks totally hot. I cannot wait to get to see this video a little later. It’s due to arrive on the site any moment, so keep your eyes on the action and maybe get the lube and tissues ready! lol

Damian Boss Fucks Luke Desmond (1)

Damian Boss Fucks Luke Desmond (2)

Damian Boss Fucks Luke Desmond (3)

Damian Boss Fucks Luke Desmond (4)


Staxus - Tommy

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  • Theo

    Any chance of Luke doing some scenes with some of your Czech models? Flip-Flop with Chris Young? Topping George Basten? Bottoming for Marty Love?

    • Hi Theo!

      For sure! We just agreed on pairing our British models with our Czech models more and more. So from now one there’s gonna be a lot of traveling between Prague and London ;)

      Just send us the names of the models you like to see together!


  • This is smoking hot..

  • Motzki


    A good thing, this English/Czech collaboration.

    Because I consider Michael Burling the better director/camera operator/editor & sound man than John Smith and all the other directors from Eastern Europe – the majority of the upcoming new productions should be done by him.

    And the Staxus studs from the continent should fly from Prague to London to the shooting…. :)


    • Theo

      I think the scenes from the new film In The Deep End that are directed by John Smith are pretty good. Especially the double penetration scene was filmed excellently. Remember that DP scenes are very difficult to film well. I think director John Smith has improved considerably the last couple of months.

      I’m more critical of director Michael Burling than you are Motzki. I find some of his films disappointing and amateurish. The film Any Hole’s A Goal lacked sexual intensity and that was NOT because of the condoms. Some of his films have terrible sets/locations which do the models no justice. And then there are those socks! But I know that it is easy to criticize, especially when you are not Michael Burling.

      We gay guys all have slightly different tastes and preferences. Some like slow scenes, others like more fast paced scenes. Some like to hear moaning, others want more ‘silent’ scenes. But, in the end, what we all want to see is hot gay porn filmed well, irrespective of the director or nationality of the models. I see as a project that is in development. If there are shortcomings we should give constructive feedback to the powers that be at Staxus so that things can change for the better.

  • Motzki


    For me, one main criteria of buying upcoming new Staxus movies containing scenes with Brit plus Czech twinks together might be the question who does the direction, camera operation, editing & sound in this collaborations.

    If the work is done mainly by Michael Burling and his team, well, than I would not be surprised if a majority of those new releases will become part of my collection… ;)


  • Mark

    Well, if Luke Desmond is in it then it will be with condoms – right? No need to tell us. Now if Luke ever does a bareback scene, that really WILL be news. He is a stunner and always delivers the goods (wrapped!).

  • Hi Mark!

    We almost convinced Luke to do his first bareback scenes in the Skyball upcoming movie & scenes. Unfortunately we couldn’t but we are getting there!

    So hopefully we’ll see Luke barebacking for Staxus soon at some point in the near future!


  • Mark

    Great news boys – keep up the good work, Luke giving it raw and taking it raw would be awesome. That would go to the top of my DVD want list.

  • Michael Burling

    Hi Guys,

    My first appearance on the blog here.

    We have recently flown our first Czech models, Brad Fitt and Kevin Ateah, over here to work in the UK with our British guys and we have some really good scenes coming soon which I hope you will all like.

    I see some of the preview shots are already up on the blog :

    The Uk/Czech mix is something we want to continue doing as I think its unique and produces some great scenes, so feel free to drop me some suggestions if there are any models you would really like us to try and use, British or Czech.

    Anyway enjoy the photos


    PS: Thank you to Motzki for your kind words. Im glad you’re enjoying my work :)

  • Motzki


    Quote of Theo:

    >> I think the scenes from the new film In The Deep End that are directed by John Smith are pretty good. Especially the double penetration scene was filmed excellently. Remember that DP scenes are very difficult to film well. I think director John Smith has improved considerably the last couple of months.<<

    I haven't seen 'Deep End' yet. Personally, I prefer Twinks fucked raw by a true, fat 9plus boner – instead by two ordinary 7 or 8inch rods.

    Many double penetrations I've seen in the past from different directors and studios were often rather stereotype and lame. I still remember the very first bareback double penetration scene filmed & produced in Eastern Europe: it was a threeway with Jay Renfro in 'Bareback Hotel' , a co-production of Dan Komar & Vlado Iresch. This was new and interesting in 2004. Since then many director's have tried to copy it – often with less success.

    As already declared, I have not seen ' In The Deep End', but another recent John Smith movie, 'College Hazing' :

    is very disappointing for me. As already written in the Justusboys-forum about this flick:

    An attractive line-up, but that's already all.

    The rest is a list of deadly mistakes every porn producer should avoid: the models have sex with their clothes on; the anal action is far too short: in some scenes the penetration runs only seconds; weak camera work & editing: much too many insensitive close-ups.

    Expensive technical equipment and ritzy sets are not necessarily a guarantee for a hot & natural gayporn movie. Some rather amateurish, low budget productions are sometimes more felicitous.

    The worst example is still Max Lincoln from Eurocreme England for me: His productions are mong the most luxurious on the market. But nearly every scene Lincoln directed & produced personally is spoiled by inferior camera work and exaggerated editing: far too many insensitive shifts, close-ups & cuts.

    And if Michael Burling, a much better camera operator, editor & sound man than Lincoln & many others, is sponsored with a few extra bucks from Prague… well, then maybe some of his upcoming productions might bear indeed the potential to be regarded as genre (semi-)classics one day among collectors & chroniclers from far and wide…. :)


    • Theo

      I think you will be pleasantly surprised by In The Deep End. Cloths are off and there is a good amount of anal action. Maybe there are too much shifts and close-ups for your liking but all in all I find this a good film.

      For me location and sets are important. I don’t like derelict buildings with graffiti on the wall. It reminds me too much of deprivation and neglect and this are not things I want to be reminded of when I watch gay porn.

      Some tips for Michael Burling (and other gay porn directors):

      — cloths off (especially socks) and check for clean feet
      — never use a leather couch for the action. They make irritating noises, Use modern type couches with a decent fabric.
      — check the pictures on the wall. They should be neutral and certainly not depict women.
      — the room for experimentation with camera angles and the build up of a scene is very limited in gay porn.
      — make sure that a model does not shave his pubic hair just two days for filming a scene. The rash look is not an attractive sight.
      — don’t rush filming a scene. It usually shows in the end product.
      — instruct new models carefully. They should know where to put their hands and legs so as not to block the view of the action.

      etc., etc.

      • Michael Burling

        Hi Theo,

        Thank you for the tips. I’m always looking to improve the work we do so any suggestions are always helpful. I will also make sure I take the socks OFF from now on ! Although sometimes, particulary in the chav shoots, white socks on can be quite horny.


        • William

          Michael, You are the director, right? Then why does Theo think he needs to give you so much direction unless he also is a director. A bit of tips is ok but come-on, he is getting way out of line with his list. I’ve been around a lot of decades and have been in several fields of writing, but I would never give some one the amount of advice he has given you in this open column. Anyway, take care and success on future endeavors, may they all be successful.

  • Mark

    Yeah I love the idea of British models with Czech models.
    There are loads of possible combinations, but as someone to like to see a tender romantic scene with gentle kissing develop into a passionate bout of bareback fucking with raw passion and urgent ejaculation my dream pairing would be Rudi Valentino with Skylar Blu – with maybe a surprise flip-flop at the end.
    Reckon you could bring those two hot fuckers together – tenderly and explosively!

    • Mark

      Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I’d love to see Luke Desmond slide his big British cock up Tom Nutt’s sweet arse – preferably raw, if you can persuade Luke to take it bareback.

  • James

    Here here re Luke Desmond bareback. Fingers crossed!

  • James

    Yeah I’d lvoe to see Luke D fucking bareback!

  • James

    Hey guys. Any development on the Luke Desmond barebacking front??? Top or bottom doesn´t matter :-)))

  • William

    Dearest and Hottest Michael Burling, the suggestion about the white socks is half right. Take them off of the fair skinned boys and men but on the tanner ones leave them on. It is much sexier. Try some pair photos and I think you will see. And on some of the shoots instead of taking the wife beater tees all the way off, jus have the hunkier guy put it over his neck and leave it behind it. I think having sex like that can make a younger guy hotter than hell. I also would have the bottom strip the top down naked more often, it would serve as showing he was more submissive to his tops needs.

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