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Featured Scene: Raw college room mates get down and dirty

We’ve had some great action on the Staxus blog today, but I have one more for you guys to check out, and it might bring back some memories for all the guys who had some gay college room mate sex in their younger years! In fact, this might bring back memories for all those who have ever had a room mate, in college or not!

I have lived with a few guys in my time (I went through a period in my life of moving every few months) and it seems pretty common for guys to get it on in that kind of arrangement. Even some straight guys I’ve lived with haven’t been afraid to get a little freaky occasionally.

The boys in this gay college room mate video are all about the oral. I know you guys like to see some great cock sucking and hole rimming in your videos, and real fans of that will love this one.

The boys are soon sucking on each others hard dicks, but those tight and smooth holes need some attention too and they get into some great rimming. The action is filmed so well with every flick of the tongue captured.

Check it out on the site, and make sure you stick around to the end to see some really great cum tasting facials too. I love seeing boys getting off on jizz like these lads do ;)

Room Mate Sex With Two Gorgeous Boys (1)

Room Mate Sex With Two Gorgeous Boys (2)

Room Mate Sex With Two Gorgeous Boys (3)

Room Mate Sex With Two Gorgeous Boys (4)