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Featured Scene: Eternal sexy blondness

While I’m waiting for the new gay army video to arrive on the site this evening (I have seen a peek of it and I cannot wait to see more) I have to share another video with you. I was looking through some of the older scenes on the site with some of the most cock hungry twinks we have and I found this outdoor scene to post on the blog, and it’s one I haven’t actually seen before either. I now it’s hard to believe, considering I’ve been a member from day one, but there are so many videos on the site I’m still finding scenes I haven’t watched yet almost every day.

As you can see from the title, this about the blond boys sharing their dicks out in the open, with the sun bathing their bodies and their impressive cocks springing to life for some mutual sucking before one sinks his meat into the other boys ass.

I have to mention here that the blond top has such a massively thick dick that I’m not actually sure I would be able to take all of that! It always surprises me when I see such slim lads like these sucking on so much dick and managing to sit on it with such ease!

Okay, when you’re like these cock hungry twinks I guess the bigger the dick is the better, and although I’m no size queen I do have to admit that I get a little bit greedy from time to time too lol

Cock Hungry Twinks Bottom Gets Fucked (1)

Cock Hungry Twinks Bottom Gets Fucked (2)

Cock Hungry Twinks Bottom Gets Fucked (3)

Cock Hungry Twinks Bottom Gets Fucked (4)